AutoRadio: Radio Automation Software

Radio automation software. Simple to use, starting from digital audio files, manage on-air broadcasting over a radio-station or web-radio. The main components are:

Developed with Python, Django, Dbus it works in an production enviroment

Project Pages and Download


How it works

In player 's playlist you need a queue of media for a minumun of some hours and for this you have to program some playlist. Player cannot stay stopped or paused (if stopped it will be started, if paused it stay paused) for a corret work. When time will be right jingle, programs and spots will be placed in playlist the first position after the last file inserted before by autoradiod .

How to use it

autoradioctrl provide some administration commands like --sincdb to inizialite the data base. aotoradioweb or other web serber like apache provide a web interface to program every thinks you cannot find in configuration files; you have to run it like a permanent daemon; use a browser pointing it at the machine and port of the web server (http://localhost:8080 is the default for autoradioweb). Where you have an X server you can run autoradiod to start the player (xmms/audacious); autoradiod start the player after few time and manage it with the programmed schedules. You can run autoradiod from the same machine where run auroradioweb; it use sqlite local file. If you use a database client/server like mysql you can access the DB from an other machine but you have to read the media files from all machines involved (with nfs services).

Read doc/user_guide or the italian / english (work in progress) online documentation or the documentation in the web admin interface for the features enabled in the autoradio suite.